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  "Flower" in Maquette size (14"x3.75"x3.75") $1200

How this version of "Flower" came to be.........

The first time we saw "Flower in a Crannied Wall", she reigned over the garden in Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright's legendary Wisconsin home.Though the years and weather had not been kind to her clay-based form, her classic beauty captured us.  At the time, we could not have imagined that we would one day commission a sculptor to create a version of “Flower” for our own Wright inspired, prairie style home in Vancouver, Washington.

We saw the sculpture again when we visited her original home, the Dana Thomas House in Springfield, Illinois. She was beautiful  but the terra cotta material from which she was constructed was rife with spider cracks. We thought it sad that it had never been reproduced in more durable materials and so an idea was born!

We searched for the right sculptor for more than two years, finding the wonderfully talented Steve Reinmuth in nearby Eugene, Oregon.  Having examined his extensive, excellent work, we knew we could rely on Steve to create “Flower’s” true spirit in the highest possible quality. Steve relied in part on the composite information provided by literally hundreds of available photographs including those generously provided by the Dana Thomas Foundation from their archives.

We had enjoyed our life sized version of “Flower” in our home for several years, when we were motivated by a new opportunity to duplicate her further. By distributing limited edition copies of our beloved sculpture, we are covering the expenses of The Give Art Foundation, through which we donate our art collection and others to museums and other charitable causes.

In 1901, Sarah Lawrence Dana hired Frank Lloyd Wright to complete an extensive renovation of her home in Springfield, Illinois.  Wright supervised every aspect of the design, including the creation of a sculpture at the entrance. “Flower in a Crannied Wall” was named after the Alfred Lord Tennyson poem that inspired it.  The home was to become a social center for the elite of Springfield and today it remains a major attraction for visitors from all over the world.   

Wright worked with sculptor Richard Bock to create the iconic entrance sculpture. Their collaboration culminated a long effort to express the sources of (Frank Lloyd Wright's) art.  In "Flower in a Crannied Wall" as in Wright’s work, architecture and nature are inseparable. Wright was elated with the outcome and had a copy made for his own garden.

Sculptor Steve Reinmuth brought to the opportunity to walk in Wright’s and Bock's foot steps, his considerable artistic talent, his extensive foundry experience and a drive for meticulous detail.  He did not copy the original sculpture so much as he paid homage to it, adding his own understanding of how it would best be expressed in the new, enduring medium of bronze.

Steve’s work has been represented in Fine Art Galleries from Kirkland, Washington to Sarasota, Florida and from Palm Desert, California to Charleston, South Carolina.  He has public commissions in such diverse places as Washington, D.C. and the Los Angeles Airport. . His work is nationally and internationally collected. 

Reinmuth’s “Flower” is currently available in two sizes:

Life Sized (6’3” by 15.5“) including her hand crafted wood pedestal. Limited edition of 16. Price $28,000  

Maquette Sized (14.5” by 4”) including a hand crafted, black walnut attached pedestal) Limited edition of 500. Price $1200.

Flower in a Crannied wall by Alfred, Lord Tennyson is etched into Flower's graceful back

Flower in the crannied wall,
I pluck you out of the crannies,
I hold you here, root and all, in my hand,
Little flower -but if I could understand
What you are, root and all, and all in all,
I should know what God and man is.