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We are all about the Visual Arts.

 What is The Give Art Foundation?
We are collectors who have been fortunate to develop a large art collection. We are in the process of donating this collection to museums and other institutions that serve the public. As we go through this process we have been approached by others who would like to donate their art as well but are unsure how to go about it.

In response, we established The Give Art Foundation. Our mission is to place visual art, ours and others, where it will do the most good.  That may be museum or other public place, a charity who will likely sell it at auction, or it may be sold at a retail store. Because the foundation's expenses are minimal and we have no salaries, all proceeds from any sale are donated to charity.

Your donations to certain organizations may be tax deductible.  However, we are neither appraisers nor accountants.  We cannot tell you either the fair market value of your art or how much you should deduct from your taxes. We may be able to point you to other professional who can help you with these questions. We are not restorers. If we accept your art, it will be donated or sold in whatever condition we receive it. We will do our very best to maintain any art we receive safely while we are working to find its next home. And we will,  let you know the outcome.

We earn money to cover the expenses of The Give Art Foundation with the sales of the items described on this website. Click on those tabs to read more about these products. If you have questions or art you wish to donate, we look forward to hearing from you.

Grace Teigen and Gene Wigglesworth